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Whether it's for a wedding, a corporate or private party, or an evening at a nightclub, music creates the energy and mood of your event.

I offer a variety of music for a variety of events. The music I make is drawn from many genres and styles including classical music, jazz, renaissance and medieval music, current popular music as well as classic rock and roll.

Unique and Familiar Instruments

Besides guitar, bass, and percussion, I play several types of instruments that are unique.

The lute is a string instrument that was very popular in renaissance and baroque times. Baroque lutes have 24 strings and the 6 ft. theorbo has 14 strings. Often the instruments are used with viola da gamba or violins.

The guitar comes in several varieties: classical, steel string, acoustic, electric 6 string, unique 11 string classical (less than 25 in the world), and 12 string acoustic.

The viola da gamba is a bowed instrument (much like a cello) with 6 or 7 strings, frets and is tuned like a lute.

I perform solo or with a variety of ensembles including guitar and violin(s) or lute and violin(s).

I have performed at hundreds of weddings and other special events throughout the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota, at venues as diverse as private homes and nightclubs to the Ordway and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

I will work with you to create the perfect ambiance for your event!